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When Your Hometown Burns to the Ground: Northern California Needs Your Help

Please read this story, and share it. It is traumatizing and it is difficult to read, but it needs to be shared. This is one of the biggest tragedies to hit our country in a very long time and we have a lot of needs. Please. Read. Please. Share.  At the end of the article I will list ways that YOU CAN HELP. Please help. (Photo’s by the SF Chronicle)

It started out like any other Sunday night.
I had laid out my clothes for Monday morning, my alarm(s) were set for the early AM, and I started nodding off to sleep to an episode of Will & Grace.
I had no idea I was about to experience the scariest night of my life.

Something stirred within my bones. A familiar anxious dread tucked at the back of my throat.
I thought maybe it was just my insomnia, taunting me, as she does.
Restlessness crept up and down my spine.
Something wasn't right. It was too hot for an early October night.
Sweat started dripping down my face.
And a loud wind began to rattle my bedroom window.
I ran to look ou…
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She Leads

As many of you my dear friends and readers know,  one of the many things I am passionate about is empowering other women to be who God calls them to be.

In todays world there is a lot of tearing down of other women, based on looks, actions, brains, lifestyle choice ect., and it isn't cool!
If what you have to say about your sister isn't to encourage her in her own gifts and beauty, then it really shouldn't be said.

Something I am also really passionate about is encouraging women to not be afraid to speak the story God has written on their heart, that only SHE can tell, and I personally do not believe this needs to be reserved only for women's ministry or children's ministry. I believe that every person who can encourage others in their faith SHOULD do so.

God did call us to go out into all the world and share the good news!

Fuller Seminary is sponsoring a REALLY cool event in Pasadena California on October 28th
called She Leads, and it is all about encouraging wome…

The Dark Night of the Soul, Contemplative Christianity, and Therapy

Flashback almost three years ago: I was newly spiritually awakened just a few months prior, and had been riding on a euphoric high of all that new revelations bring. 
I'd rise early, pray, read my bible and dive into thick theological exegesis. I went to church activities not twice a week, but four times a week. I'm an overachiever, and I threw myself into the Christian life full force. I felt like an unstoppable faith force (hahahahahahah). 

Then just like all other highs, I crashed. Hard. 
My health hit a wall, and my emotions followed suit. 
I began to experience something that many spiritualists refer to as: "the dark night of the soul".
A heavy darkness began to consume me. 
I would be completely fine, and then out of the blue it would feel as if a hand was pushing in my chest and gripping my throat and an endless fountain of the most painful and wrenching tears began to pour out. 

What was happening? How did I go from such overwhelming happiness and this? 


I Need Your Words

Dear Warrior of Words, Take your notebook and fill it with every raging thought, every brokenhearted memory, every argument you wish that you had the courage to face, and describe your scars.
Write about your faith, or lack of faith, and bleed your color onto these pages. Write about laughter, and what it's like to love someone. 
Tell these pages about how hard that one conversation with your mother was.
Confess your darkest nights, and the things you wish you never did. Burn this page, and never let it grip you again. 
What is your story? What is your anthem? Write it down. 
Your voice is beautiful, and needed, because not a single person knows what you know, exactly the way that you do. 
Forget what you were told to write, and write the words that will explode within if they never see the light.
The world can be so scary, and I know that often we feel helpless. Write about the things you know are wrong, and watch how your bravery grows. Every word you wield is fire raging again…


It's July! How the heck did that happen?Summer is in full fledge force now. Hot days that call for escapes to the beach and to San Francisco have been begging for an eternal summer. 
This month I have some fun looks I am stoked to share with you!
First off I have this adorable and very breezy dress from Brooke and Em Clothing

Next up is this really beautiful and cozy t from Hello Apparel

I am absolutely loving this reclaimed and redesigned shirt by Emy Design: The next few things I found thrifting recently, and I would love to encourage you to do the same! Contra to popular belief used clothes can be really amazing, affordable and the money doesn't go towards bad guys: 

I'd love to hear about the fashions you are really interested in right now, and if you are a small business interested in collaborating with me shoot me an e-mail

Why Fundamentalist Christianity Wasn't For Me, But Why Jesus Still Is (And Why I Still Love All My Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This blogpost is not about talking sh** about anybody.
This post is my story, and one that I hope God can use to bring unity and hope to many.
During the 90s and early 2000s a certain breed of Christianity became really popular in Western Culture.
You can call it a lot of things:
Conservative Christianity
Evangelical Christianity
Far Right Christianity
Commercial Christianity
K-LOVE Christianity
Modest is Hottest Christianity
Christian Pop Music Concert Christianity
President George W. Bush Christianity
Jesus is My Homeboy Christianity
Fundamentalist Christianity

You get the picture, and perhaps you resonate with it?
Once again,  I am not bashing this particular sect of Christianity, I am simply painting a picture.
I think that God uses every aspect of Christianity to bring His Word and His truth to people, and that every church is (or has the ability to be) a beacon of love and light in a dark world.

The thing is that a lot of people who were raised in this specific trend of the fai…

JUNE PICKS: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle

JUNE PICKSFriends! I am excited to say I am bringing a new element to the Trista Ann Marie blog! On top of my posts that get realabout faith, chronic illness and my millennial confessions,  once a month I am going to try to be bringing you my favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle picks.
I love the idea of working with small businesses that carry genuine product that help cultivate creativity, community, growth and that will provide you with some really amazing clothes, cosmetics and household items. 
Be sure to go to my homepage and click subscribe to make sure are up to date every month! IF you have a small business or know of a product you think would be great to be featured here email me at: 

JUNE is the beginning of all things summer. Trips to the beach with a good book require comfortable and unique swimwear: I adore this hand knitted bikini top from Hook and Needles!

I love June because it's the tail end of spring, it's getting warmer but th…