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I Need Your Words

Dear Warrior of Words, Take your notebook and fill it with every raging thought, every brokenhearted memory, every argument you wish that you had the courage to face, and describe your scars.
Write about your faith, or lack of faith, and bleed your color onto these pages. Write about laughter, and what it's like to love someone. 
Tell these pages about how hard that one conversation with your mother was.
Confess your darkest nights, and the things you wish you never did. Burn this page, and never let it grip you again. 
What is your story? What is your anthem? Write it down. 
Your voice is beautiful, and needed, because not a single person knows what you know, exactly the way that you do. 
Forget what you were told to write, and write the words that will explode within if they never see the light.
The world can be so scary, and I know that often we feel helpless. Write about the things you know are wrong, and watch how your bravery grows. Every word you wield is fire raging again…
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It's July! How the heck did that happen?Summer is in full fledge force now. Hot days that call for escapes to the beach and to San Francisco have been begging for an eternal summer. 
This month I have some fun looks I am stoked to share with you!
First off I have this adorable and very breezy dress from Brooke and Em Clothing

Next up is this really beautiful and cozy t from Hello Apparel

I am absolutely loving this reclaimed and redesigned shirt by Emy Design: The next few things I found thrifting recently, and I would love to encourage you to do the same! Contra to popular belief used clothes can be really amazing, affordable and the money doesn't go towards bad guys: 

I'd love to hear about the fashions you are really interested in right now, and if you are a small business interested in collaborating with me shoot me an e-mail

Why Fundamentalist Christianity Wasn't For Me, But Why Jesus Still Is (And Why I Still Love All My Brothers and Sisters In Christ)

This blogpost is not about talking sh** about anybody.
This post is my story, and one that I hope God can use to bring unity and hope to many.
During the 90s and early 2000s a certain breed of Christianity became really popular in Western Culture.
You can call it a lot of things:
Conservative Christianity
Evangelical Christianity
Far Right Christianity
Commercial Christianity
K-LOVE Christianity
Modest is Hottest Christianity
Christian Pop Music Concert Christianity
President George W. Bush Christianity
Jesus is My Homeboy Christianity
Fundamentalist Christianity

You get the picture, and perhaps you resonate with it?
Once again,  I am not bashing this particular sect of Christianity, I am simply painting a picture.
I think that God uses every aspect of Christianity to bring His Word and His truth to people, and that every church is (or has the ability to be) a beacon of love and light in a dark world.

The thing is that a lot of people who were raised in this specific trend of the fai…

JUNE PICKS: Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle

JUNE PICKSFriends! I am excited to say I am bringing a new element to the Trista Ann Marie blog! On top of my posts that get realabout faith, chronic illness and my millennial confessions,  once a month I am going to try to be bringing you my favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle picks.
I love the idea of working with small businesses that carry genuine product that help cultivate creativity, community, growth and that will provide you with some really amazing clothes, cosmetics and household items. 
Be sure to go to my homepage and click subscribe to make sure are up to date every month! IF you have a small business or know of a product you think would be great to be featured here email me at: 

JUNE is the beginning of all things summer. Trips to the beach with a good book require comfortable and unique swimwear: I adore this hand knitted bikini top from Hook and Needles!

I love June because it's the tail end of spring, it's getting warmer but th…

All Things New

"You have gotten yourself a whole new life in a matter of weeks!" My friend Britton exclaimed last night.
And woah.
I did.
I haven't really had a moment to let that thought sink in, let alone sit down and share all of it with you. If you have been following my blog for a while, or know me IRL, you might remember that October last year I put a dent in my head, dropped out of school halfway through the semester, and went on bed rest for three months. After that, I had to slowly put back the pieces of my life and face the things I felt God was calling to me.
During that time of rest, God called me to learn how to listen to the heartbeat of the world, to embrace the power of saying "no" to things, sometimes people, so that I could say "yes" to the direction He has for me.
This is HARD to do.
There is a lie that I believe so often: giving more of myself means holiness.
I can audibly hear God laughing at me right now.
As I let my soul get used to…

I want to be a blogger, now what?

A little over year ago I began my blogging adventure; just an English major with a love for words, for God, and a desire to use my words to connect my own story with others.  I went from 500 followers to 8,000 in a year and five months-and I have gotten several messages from other aspiring bloggers about the best way to begin their own blogging adventure or to go deeper into the blogging world.  I must say that I still am quite new to this whole world but I am happy to share with you some of the things I found to be important and helpful. 
1. What are your goals? I think this is always a great place to start when diving into any new creative project. There are many ways to set these goals out. A Dream Board(my personal favorite version, I have a cute chalk board from target), journaling, or getting a scheduler are all excellent ways to list out your goals. 
Why do you want to blog? There is no wrong answer here. What is motivating you to share your ideas and thoughts? 
What is your mess…

chronic illness: my struggle with endometriosis

hey friends, thank you so much for taking the time to read this today it truly means the world to me.  many of you have been so wonderful in sharing in my journey the past year and a half as i have navigated some really rough waters with my life and health and your prayers and encouragement has meant the world to me. i have always desired my blogging and media to be a place where i am truthful to real life as i know what it is like to feel alone in my struggles and i want others to know that they are not alone. but I must confess: this post has taken me almost a year to write. 
as many of you know i was diagnosed with the 'invisible illness' of fibromyalgia at a young age, and have dealt with chronic pain and a compromised immune system for the majority of my life. this has been in many ways my cross to bear and even though it has made life very difficult it has also taught me the sacredness of every breath. it has forced me to learn to quiet my body and soul and to be ok wit…